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Clyde... Domain name services (DNS)

The DNS is used by many programs to translate hostnames to IP addresses and vice-versa.

If you are running a PC or very simple server, you will probably want to use the DNS resolvers provided by IITS. Please use these two IP addresses as your "DNS servers":

(Some large departments run their own nameservers; in that case, you will be informed by your sysadmins of the IP addresses of the nameservers you should use instead of the above. However, using the above nameservers is harmless.)

If you want to set up your own subdomain of "concordia.ca", please contact the Hostmaster <hostmaster@concordia.ca> for more information. IITS provides DNS secondary services for subdomains of "concordia.ca".

Note that we do not provide general DNS resolution services to hosts offsite; those hosts may query us only for the information we "NS" for, that is, information under ".concordia.ca" and in our network "132.205.*.*". (This ban is enforced on some of our nameservers; it may eventually be enforced on all of them.)

The above affects you only if you connect to the net from home using an ISP; in that case, please make sure that you configure your home computer to use your ISP's nameservers, not Concordia's.

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