CUBE Procedures for List Creation and Use

Types of list available

CUBE mailing lists are implemented as Majordomo mailing lists, which are created and configured by IITS. CUBE provides support for two kinds of mailing lists:

(Instructors who have a strong preference for a CUBE-style Majordomo list for making announcements to their classes may request such a list by following the procedure outlined below. They should bear in mind that class discussion lists are not appropriate for CUBE, but can be implemented as regular Majordomo opt-in lists, or of course as WebCT discussion groups.)

People who have occasional announcements to make to all or most students on topics related to student life should consider using the Monthly Mass Mailing service coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students, in preference to running their own list.

Creation of new "standing" and "ad hoc" lists

A new "standing" or "ad hoc" list can be requested by the Dean of your faculty (or, in the case of non-academic departments, the Director of your unit), who must supply IITS with the following information:
  1. Listowner's name
  2. Listowner's title
  3. Listowner's department or faculty
  4. Listowner's e-mail address

    The above are to be used in the message "fronter":

    The following message has been approved for distribution by
    Jane Smith <>, Chair of the Department of Architecture.

    The listowner may delegate someone else to do the actual posting of the messages, but it is by the listowner's authority that the messages will be posted.

  5. List moderator's name (if different from listowner)
  6. List moderator's e-mail address (if different from listowner)
  7. Description of the membership of the list
  8. In the case of an "ad hoc" list, the expiry date for the list
The above information should be communicated to Bill Miller <>.

Use of "standing" and "ad hoc" lists

Once a list exists, its moderator (i.e., the person authorized to approve mailings to that list, or her designee) can send messages directly to it without further intervention from IITS, using the list approval password. A moderator new to Majordomo lists will want to consult the Majordomo message approval documentation.

Note to moderators: unless you are able to insert the "Approved:" header directly into the message headers (which many mailers, including Eudora and Webmail, do not allow), you will probably find it easiest to send a message to the list address in the normal way, and then approve the resulting BOUNCE message.

The IITS Help Line can assist you in learning to post messages to moderated lists.

Moderators are reminded that they must ensure that material posted via CUBE conforms to the CUBE Appropriate Use Policy. They may also wish to consult Hints for Moderators for further guidance as to what kinds of material would be well received by the community.

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