CUBE Appropriate Use Policy


"CUBE" (Concordia Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail) refers to a facility for approved unsolicited mass e-mailings from the University to its constituents. The Concordia University Policy on Computing Facilities states in item 5:

Access to the CCF shall not be used for unsolicited mass mailings of any kind including chain letters and advertising except by University departments and subcontractors acting within the parameters of their University-defined missions. Unsolicited mass e mailings should be used sparingly and may be made only through distribution channels approved by IITS.

CUBE is a "distribution channel approved by IITS", and the text below sets out guidelines for the appropriate use of this facility. The procedures used to request lists and send mailings are described separately.

Authorizing mailings

The use of the CUBE service is subject to appropriate administrative controls, where the authorization needed to send to a list is proportional to the size and scope of the list, and follows the existing University administrative structure. For example, an instructor can send to her class, but only the Dean of a faculty may authorize a mailing to all or most students in that faculty. A department head may authorize mailings to all students taking a course in that department, while a mailing to all students would normally require the approval of the Dean of Students or the Registrar, depending on the origin and contents of the message. Approval to mail to the entire University community lies with the Rector's office.

While the authority to effect a mailing must come from the appropriate unit head, that person may designate someone else to perform the actual mailing, and may reveal to that designee the list approval password. However, the unit head remains responsible for all traffic to the list.

The person by whose authority a mailing is approved must be identified in the list "fronter" (at the top of the message), so that complaints, if any, can be directed to the right place. The CUBE software will ensure that this identification is inserted at the top of each mailing.

Contents and frequency of mailings

Out of respect for the privacy of our computer users, the CUBE service is to be used sparingly; prospective senders are expected to favour the use of the regular (opt-in) mailing list services where possible.

In general, most senders should use this service at most once per month. Where possible, announcements to all students should be combined into the Concordia Monthly Mass Mailing; announcements are expected to include reminders of regular opt-in mailing lists for more frequent announcements. Exceptions to the above frequency recommendation would of course be made for very urgent topics, for example, the closing of the University due to bad weather.

The CUBE service is not intended for personal use, but only for University business. It is intended for the dissemination of information of general interest to targeted readers, and is not to be used for advocacy or debate. All CUBE lists are moderated to prevent their unauthorized use. IITS reserves the right to seek further approval from the senior administration if it is felt that a particular communication contravenes this guideline.

All electronic communications are of course expected to comply with the Policy on Computing Facilities.


Only addresses within the "" domain will be targeted as recipients of mailings sent out by this service. Of course, our users may choose to forward their mail offsite, in which case our mailings would reach their offsite address through their own choice.

Students may opt into (or out of) the CUBE service by setting their "@students" e-mail forwarding through the MyConcordia Portal. CUBE mailings to students are sent only to the "" addresses.

This document approved by the Director of IITS, on 2000/09/12.

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