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CUBE (Concordia Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail)

What is CUBE?

"CUBE" stands for "Concordia UBE", and "UBE" stands for "Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail". The purpose of the service is to encourage and facilitate the official use of electronic mail, in order to reduce costs associated with the generation of mailing labels, the handling of physical mailings, and their printing, and in order to facilitate communication with the members of the "concordia.ca" domain. Environmental benefits are also expected in the form of a reduction of paper consumption.

How do I use CUBE?

Hey, this is spam!

Well, not really. Concordia University sends CUBE mail only to addresses in the ".concordia.ca" domain, which it can be said to own, and also, students must opt in to CUBE mailings by setting their "@students" e-mail forwarding in their Personal Student Information on the Web.

In addition to all that, there is a CUBE Appropriate Use Policy, which defines who may approve mailings and sets down guidelines as to what kind of material can be sent out.

If you have received a CUBE mailing which you think was inappropriate, please complain to the University official who authorized the mailing; the identity of this person will always be indicated at the top of each mailing.

Where can I find more information?

Here are links to information related to mailing lists in general:

If you're interested in how the CUBE project is implemented and how it came to be, you can read these documents:

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